Boathouse Rules & Regulations

Boathouse rules and regulations vary from one facility to another. For example, when you visit boat lifts for sale Minnesota, there are specific rules and regulations that you should follow. You should always familiarise yourself with basic boating rules before you start to use any boat dock facilities. The rules help to ensure the safety of all boaters and property.

Here is a list of some of the essential boathouse rules and regulations.



Essential Boathouse Rules and Regulations


Safety Comes First

According to boathouse rules and regulations, the essential thing is safety. Regardless of your experience, you should always ensure that everyone follows basic precautions when operating a boat or around water. You must know how to swim before using any facility with boats or a dock. There are specific areas where children cannot be allowed. Families with small children are encouraged to visit a boathouse with a swimming pool rather than a boat dock.


No Alcohol and Drugs

Both the use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited at any boathouse facility. You can get into trouble if you are found in possession or under its influence while using facilities. In some cases, it might lead to a ban from boathouse facilities. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed in a boathouse because they can be dangerous for anyone using it.


No speeding

In a boathouse, you should always drive at the slowest speed possible. It ensures that you do not hit any other boat or pier while docking or undocking your vessel. You can get into trouble if you are speeding and cause damage to another person’s property, including boats.


No littering

Littering in a boathouse is strictly prohibited. All boaters should ensure that they properly dispose of their trash in the designated areas. If not, you will be issued a citation and asked to leave the facility immediately.


Only One Boat per Dock is Allowed

The one boat per dock rule prevents congestion and ensures the safety of all boats that dock at any facility. You can obtain additional docking space if you want more than one boat in your possession. Boathouses usually charge fees for extra spots with water access, depending on the facility.


No Fuel or Gasoline in Boathouses Facilities

It is prohibited to use fuel and gasoline at any boathouse. There are specific areas designated for refuelling boats away from the docks to avoid accidents caused by spilled gas.


Storms and Bad Weather

Boathouses have a variety of rules about the weather, precisely when it comes to going out with your boat during stormy conditions. You should always check for any restrictions before leaving on a trip. It will ensure the safety of your canoe and those on board. You should also familiarise yourself with basic methods to tie down a boat if you experience bad weather while out at sea.



Boathouses have specific rules for all boaters who use their facilities. These regulations help keep everyone safe when using the facility. Most boathouse rules and regulations are common sense, while some might be specific to a particular location or water access.

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