Protect Your Teeth in a Car Crash with Football Mouthpieces

Injuries in car crashes are becoming more common. Car crashes can cause multiple injuries and injuries, some of which may require medical attention. While the primary goal of care is to reduce the risk of further injury and ensure the patient’s safety, it is often necessary to seek medical assistance for injuries sustained during the crash.

Football mouthpieces were designed to protect teeth in case of a car crash. They are small guards that cover the teeth and mouth while reducing the risk of jaw injuries or dental damage caused by impact. They also protect against airway damage and minimize brain injuries in a crash. Read this blog on how mouthpieces work, their benefits, and how you can use them if you’re in an accident to protect your teeth.


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Should I use a football mouthpiece in a car crash?

In a car accident, it can provide cushioning and alignment for the teeth, helping to prevent injury and potentially saving teeth. The mouthpiece is worn on the teeth during the game or activity and can be custom-made to fit the mouth perfectly.

Mandates at all levels require athletes in specific contact sports to use mouthpieces. This includes football, boxing, hockey, rugby, lacrosse, and others. More than 3 million teeth can be knocked out in youth sporting events without a tooth guard.

The force of a car accident is similar to the force of a collision in a football game, which is why mouthpieces are vital for these sports-related injuries. However, mouthpieces are not always the best solution for protecting teeth in a car accident. If you wear one, it could become dislodged or broken during the crash and cause further harm.

Benefits of using the mouthpiece in a car crash

While mouthpieces are not the most glamorous or exciting sports equipment, they play an important role in protecting the teeth and soft tissues in the mouth from force and accidental injuries.

In a car accident, the guards provide cushioning and alignment during jarring impacts, potentially preventing unnecessary pain and dental work. Without a mouthpiece, a person is 60 times more likely to suffer dental injuries during a car crash. Mouthguards can also prevent concussions caused by impact on the jaws. This can help prevent the wearer from experiencing any type of neurological injury. An athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer tooth harm when not wearing a teeth protector. So athletes must protect their teeth with it, especially during sports that involve crashing into something hard or sharp, such as football or hockey.

How to use a football mouthpiece in a car crash

A football mouthguard can provide cushioning and alignment in a car accident, potentially saving you from injury and dental work. It can help to protect your teeth from aggressive play and accidental force, protecting them from broken teeth and teeth injuries. If you are involved in a car accident, it is essential to wear a mouthpiece to reduce the risk of these types of injuries. Many sports leagues require players to wear it, which can provide additional protection in the event of a car crash. By using the mouthguard and other safety measures, you can avoid dental injuries in the case of a car accident.


A football mouthpiece is essential for any sport-loving individual who’s ever been in a car crash. The tooth guard fits snugly against the teeth and uses its shock-absorbing capabilities to lessen the impact of an accident. It also protects the teeth from injury by limiting the force transferred from an accident to the teeth. In addition, it creates a more substantial mouth barrier to protect the teeth from debris flying around the vehicle during an accident. If you are looking for the best quality football mouthpiece, contact League Outfitters today.

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